• A Rabbit called Churp

    After spending a huge amount of time with my fiance, we decided that we were in a stable and loving enough relationship to bring up an animal together. We went to a lovely little pet shop based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. It was the middle of winter and there was snow on the ground. We were dressed up with our wooly hats, gloves and scarfs. It was bitterly cold and with a every breathe a plume of steam came from our chapped lips.

    We walked into this tiny, quaint pet shop where there were animals in every cage, from wall to wall. The shelves were piled high with every animal product under the sun and there was no heating. Needless to say we just wanted to get the animal and leave. We had always had our hearts set on a rabbit but from the rabbits on show, they either looked too old and set in their ways or not well. We went for a hunt round the shop to see if there was anything else on sale when I noticed a lot of movement and rustling coming from a pile of crates. I asked the sales woman what was in each crate and she replied: “Just some baby bunnies I am taking to the local primary school for a ‘Pat a Pet’ session”. I quickly jumped in with: ” Oh great are they for sale and could I please have a look?” Luckily, she said yes and we lifted the lid off of each crate. Right at the bottom, surrounded by 6 other bunnies, lay the tiniest runt of the litter. Adam (my fiance) and I looked at each other and immediately knew that he was the one. The only male out of the whole nest. He was a six week old, Harlequin coloured, dwarf lop with little pointy ears which would grow into long floppy ones. He was perfect.

    Adam and I always wanted a bunny as both of us had grown up with them and have always enjoyed their company. They are the perfect companions when you are alone and want a cuddle.

    We bought a cage and some food to get us going and took this beautiful baby back to our flat. He was so frightened by his new surrounding that he remained in his cage hidden by a dark blue hut. Eventually we took him out an played wih him and over the weeks we managed to train him to jump in and out of his cage.

    Once he had mastered the art of jumping, he was unstoppable. He jumped on everything from the couch to the table and even onto the piano stool. He was and still is, to this day a daredevil. As he grew older he began to assert his masculinity. He protected me by attacking Adam. He was vicious, and with every lunge he began to bark. It was a birth defect as well as congestion but non the less he still barked. It wasn’t like a dogs bark it was a quiet chirp and so his name came about.

    The one situation with the rabbit that still makes me laugh today was …

    I was dropping my brother off at his house and called Adam to let him know that I was on my way home but I was going to stop off and get some petrol so I would be home in 30 mins. He was hysterical on the other side of the phone. He was screaming at the rabbit. I asked what was going on and Adam told me that the rabbit had started attacking him and every time he put his feet on the floor, the rabbit would be there in a second and bite at his toes. He was terrified so I left the petrol and raced to his rescue. I ran into the flat and the rabbit came bounding over for a cuddle. I stroked him and walked into the living room and there was Adam standing on top of the piano stool, scared to come down. I just couldn’t contain my laughter, how such a tiny creature could frighten a big man like Adam? I saved the day by calming the rabbit down and eventually he allowed Adam to walk on the floor once more.

    We felt that it was then nessessary for Churp to be castrated. A few weeks later he was and he has never been vicious ever again. He has become our lovely son and can only be compared to a dog who comes running when you walk throught the door.

    He is our rabbit called Churp.


    Our Rabbit Called Churp




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