• Coffee in the Morning

    Who has woken up early in the morning and cant really walk straight until they have had their first cup of steaming coffee? I think the majority of people all over the world have long and hard days ahead of them and need a bit of a boost in the morning. The walk to the kettle is long enough without any coffee.

    But… coffee isn’t all its crack up to be. As with many things, there are always pros and cons to everything that we enjoy.

    Some positives of drinking regular caffeinated coffee are;

    Diabetes: Drinking your cups of regular coffee can minimize quite dramatically the chance of getting Diabetes in later life and can protect against the development of type 2 Diabetes. In younger and middle ages women a study was perform by the US Nurses healthy survey and found that in moderation, (like most things) decaf and regular coffee can be quite beneficial.

    Antioxidant: Coffee is full off antioxidants which help to prevent oxidation, hence ‘Anti-Oxidant’. Oxidation is the key to aging – which many people try to prevent. So… to keep looking young, coffee in moderation can help.

    Asthma: The caffeine molecules within the coffee have a similar structure to that of an Asthma drug known as Theophylline. Caffeine has also been known to increase airway diameters and improve many other asthma symptoms.

    Alzheimer’s Disease: Has always been placed very close to my heart as my grandfather has suffered with this horrific degenerative illness for 8 years now. I have watched him disintegrate from being a much loved GP, father of three, doting husband and wonderful grandfather and great grandfather to becoming wheel chair bound, not talking and hardly able to eat. So whilst I have been researching my topics I was excited to see that regular caffeinated coffee could help to protect against this horrific and terrifying disease. Doctors have completed many experiments to see if caffeine could make any difference to the cognitive impairment and beta amyloid production of Alzheimer’s suffering mice, which the experiments showed that these processes where significantly reduced. The mice were subjected to the equivalent of 5 cups of coffee a day as this amount of caffeine is enough to reduce the build up of destructive plaques created by the brain, which is the cause of Alzheimer’s.

    Parkinson’s Disease: Is another terrible illness which coffee can help prevent. A survey showed that people who drink coffee on a regular basis have been found to be less likely affected by the disease later in life.

    All these diseases are just a drop in the ocean compared with the other pro’s of Caffeinated coffee. It has been proven to help with illnesses such as;

    Gallstones: As coffee has been seen to prevent the formation of the calcium stones.

    Kidney Stones: As these are similar to Gallbladder stones.

    Liver Cirrhosis: This means that the Cirrhosis caused by alcoholism could be prevented by coffee.

    Caffeine Safety: In the late 1950’s Caffeine was recognized as being safe.

    Finally, caffeine has been linked to improvement of mental ability and performance. This is because caffeine decreases tiredness and creates alertness, attention and overall good brain processing.

    In opposition to all the positives above, there are quite a few negatives which need to be discussed;

    Sleep: Caffeine is a stimulant which, if you are planning to sleep, is not generally a good idea. Caffeine alone can decrease sleep ability and the quality of the sleep itself. However, due to individual differences, some people can be severely affected by caffeine and some can just fall straight to sleep after a coffee.

    Cholesterol: This can only be affected if a large consumption of coffee is ingested. Coffee which has been unfiltered, has shown large numbers of compounds which affect the creation of cholesterol such as, Cafestol and Kahweol which have been known for producing LDL Cholesterol (low density lipoprotiens). These LDL Cholesterols are the molecules which have been known to clog up arteries leading to heart disease and many additional problems with the heart.

    Dehydration: Is a huge disadvantage to drinking coffee as it is a mild diuretic meaning that it can increase the volume output of urine. This can also be prevented by just drinking an extra glass of water a day.

    Diarrhea: This is caused by the fact that coffee is a stimulant which stimulates the body quickly, promoting stools and even diarrhea. Have you ever felt like you needed the toilet straight after your first cup of coffee in the morning?

    There are so many pros and cons to this tasty beautiful smelling produce however for myself, I don’t think that I will be stopping the coffee anytime soon.


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