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    What prompted me to write this article was that, as I was sifting through my email inbox,  and I came across  junk mail listing different dive sites. I looked it up and was amazed by some beautiful places all over the world where you can dive and open your mind in a far away land, underwater.

    As I am getting married in September 2012, Adam and I have decided to go traveling for our honeymoon. Adam and I never had the opportunity to go traveling when we were younger  however, as we are both still young we have decided to spread our wings and fly the nest for 6months and see the world.

    Before I met Adam, diving was such a huge part of my life. Every year my family and I would go away to Egypt to dive in Sharm El Sheikh. This is where I completed my diving qualifications.

    Not many people know this but I was one of the youngest people to qualify as a ‘Rescue diver’ (Just one level before becoming a master) at just the age of 15.

    My Cousin  has a love for diving and that was how I found out about this great hobby. My cousin has been diving for as long as I can remember and I just wanted to see what she was constantly raving about. I found my local PADI certified teaching center in the UK  and began my studies to become a diver. You begin your lessons in a swimming pool, practicing techniques in an enclosed area. Finally, once you have learned all the theory and practical work, you have to sit two practical examinations and one theory based exam. One practical is based in the pool with your teacher in the UK and  with the fellow students in your class and the theory takes place within the class room. Finally, the last exam takes place abroad and is known as the ‘ Open- water’ Examination. Where you must complete a series of tasks given to you in the sea by your new instructor. As you progress with diving, you as a student are taught an almost underwater language which allows you to communicate with you fellow dive buddy or instructor.

    I have managed to find some really really old pictures of when I was in Egypt diving along with my examination photos when I became a rescue diver.

    This picture was taken,just as I was about to jump off the back of the boat. This was my rescue diver open water exam.







    Once we were in the water, the exam went on for about 30-40mins and this picture is of the whole diving group swimming back to the boat I am the penultimate person on the right. I was completing my exam by pulling my instructor (who was playing unconscious) back to the boat where I could provide O2 and resuscitation.









    This final picture was taken as I dragged my instructor all the way to the boat. Now I had to delegate and get one of the crew members to help me drag him onto the boat. As my instructor had just bought a brand new wetsuit we decided not to chance ripping it as he was hauled onto the boat. This picture is both of us climbing the ladder to prevent this issue from arising.

    As you can see Diving is one of my favourite past-times and I am hoping to sharing this amazing talent with Adam on our honeymoon.

    Next step – Diving in the Philippines??

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