• Dreams into Reality

    As you will find out as you read my blogs you will see that one of my interests and passions is traveling. I have not done very much of it but it has already become a passion of mine. The best place that I have been to must be Spain. As a child, I had always envisaged that Spain was cold for three month of the year and was a great summer destination for the older generation. It was always (in my mind) a place where people of a certain age, originally from Britain, migrated to, after retirement and was not a place for young people like myself.

    This perception completed changed when I first met my fiance. He has always loved Spain and was at the time looking for a property out there where he and his family could spend long periods of time working remotely and he described it as a heavenly place, perfect for relaxation.

    After spending months at a time in Spain, I began to love the place. We bought an apartment and decided to spend as much time out there as we could. The weather is fantastic for around 10 out of 12 months of the year and the people are friendly.

    After spending our first 3 months out there over the summer period, we formed a family-like unit with the people we met out there and even the people round the pool. We felt like we belonged there and everyone loved us – still do.

    Spain has changed in my heart as being a cornerstone for not only my life and relationship but also I have Spain to thank for my business as it was the place where my dreams were turned into a reality.

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