• Fun Fishy Facts for All

    These are a collection of Fun Fishy Facts, for all the family.

    1) Did you know that over 40% of all fish species live in fresh water however, there is less than 0.01% fresh water on the planet?
    2) There are three basic types of fish found on earth. You have cartilaginous fishes, boney fish and lobe-finned fish.
    Cartilaginous Fishes include species like Sharks, Skates and Rays.
    Boney Fish include, Lion fish, Parrot Fish and Sardines.
    Lobe-finned fish are lungfishes and coelacanths.
    3) There are over 25,000 different species of fish in the world.
    4) Fish like the Shark; do not have an air bladder, which is used by fish to help them stay afloat even when they are not swimming. This means that the Shark either does not stop swimming or they sink to the bottom to rest.
    5) Fish have a specialized sense organ which can help them maneuver themselves through dirty and dark water. It acts almost like a radar, sending beams out and if there is an obstacle in its path, then the beam will bounce back as a warning.
    6) The oldest fish recorded is 43 years old. My fish lived till it was 21 years old and I thought that was old!
    7) Goldfish can see Ultraviolet light and infra-red colours.
    8) Did you know that fish scales are a common ingredient in lipstick and many other types of makeup?
    9) Fish can drown. As you already know, most fish can only survive in water so when taking them out of the water this injects a lethal dose of oxygen into the lungs of the fish causing it to suffocate and ultimately drown.
    10) Some fish can survive out of water, but only for a short while, not indefinitely. Fish like the Amazonian Cat fish uses its strong fins to glide over land to get to other rivers and ponds.
    11) The South American Lung fish is known as an air breather as it buries itself, down in the muddy part of the swap to live during the drought periods. It breathes air until the waters come flooding back during the rainy season.
    12) There is only one duck in the world that eats fish and this is the Brazilian Merganser. This is an endangered species with only 250 individuals in the world and decreasing rapidly.

    These are a few fishy facts. If you can think of more please add them as comments!

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