• Get Serious, Get Healthy

    The number of obese people in the UK has hit alarming numbers and before we subject the new generation to years and years of disease caused by being overweight, it is time to change our destiny before it is too late.

    The reason for this excessive weight gain is due to the fact that our society would rather go to the fast food store than making their own meals. We would rather eat a ready-made packet of crisps than make ourselves a salad. The lazier our society becomes the wider our waists get.

    Change isn’t as frightening as some believe it to be. Being healthy does not mean eating salads all the time, sweating copious amounts and overpriced health clubs. People do not have to make an all-round change which can be too overwhelming to deal with. People do not want to change and then they wonder why they are not getting any smaller. It can be a gradual process; slowly changing the amount of exercise you do in a day can promote healthy weight loss quite dramatically. Trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle within your own life can be so easy and you don’t even need to do a large amount. Start small for example, instead of driving all the way home from work you could park round the corner and walk the rest. Do not get dropped off at the bus stop, walk. Finally, do not get the bus to work choose to ride your bike. These small ideas can give you a boost in the right direction.

    Eating healthily is the best possible way to become healthy as research shows that eating five small meals a day can increase the metabolism and help towards becoming a healthier person. The best thing about eating five small meals a day is that there will be no reason to snack, or eat outside of the allocated times, meaning that you can eat more and not feel hungry.

    Water is also an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. A persons daily requirement of water should be between 8-10 large glasses around 2-3 pints and drinking a glass of water before you eat each of your five meals will not only fill you up, causing you to lower your intake of food but also rehydrate your body and help with its everyday functioning. Water is a beautiful thing; it can also help your body to survive.

    Exercise can be quite a daunting thing. “Why should I prance around with my wobbly bits in front of those fit people in the gym?” To get a healthy amount of exercise in daily, you don’t need to go to the gym every day. Exercising should be fun. Small bouts of 20mins constant exercise should be enough to get you started. Walk the dog or walk round the block a few times- absolutely free. No need to pay ridiculous amounts in order to see any results.

    Don’t make a life-time of commitment to lose weight, try it. Once you get going and see the results it will give you even more of a boost to carry on and reach your goal.

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