• Apple and Samsung Conflict

    I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but Apple, iPhones have swarmed the country with its recent new release of the iPhone 4s. Which sounds like some sort of Porsche.

    People have been quick to buy this new Apple product. Even my Fiance has caught the iPhone bug! We used to be Blackberry lovers but recently he has ditched the berry and bought an iPhone – including all the gadgets and even an iPad. This is what prompted me to write this article as I was looking through the news this morning over a cup of coffee and I came across the headline, ‘ Samsung seeks iPhone4s sales ban in Australia and Japan.’ Seeing as the iPhone has been such a huge part of my life recently I felt the need to read on.

    Apple and Samsung have had quite an extensive history with court battles here and there. Both these businesses claim that they should hold the rights to ‘Smartphones and Tablet PCs’. Even though there have been numerous claims and counter claims from both sides, currently Apple seems to be gaining the upper-hand. This up-raw began, following the ban of the Samsung’s Galaxy tab 10.1 by an Australian court on behalf of Apple.

    This continuing legal battle between Apple and Samsung, is damaging to both these companies reputation. Soon, both of these innovative phone companies will go one step too far and may end up destroying their own names in the process.

    In conclusion, reading all this bad press and juvenile fighting between these global companies , I think I have decided to hold off on buying an iPhone for myself for now however, who knows what the future might bring?

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