• Olive Oil

    Olive oil is quite a versatile cooking agent it is known by all for its distinctive taste and its healthy nature. The TV chef, ‘Rachel Ray’ has been dubbed the ‘Olive oil Queen’ as she has been known to use it in every one of her famous recipes.

    The olive oil fad has grown and grown as studies and research has shown that it has numerous health benefits. It is a well-known fact that people from the Mediterranean region are generally healthier and have longer life expectancies than those from other parts of the world. This has been narrowed down to their diets. In all the scientists research, the common denominator in all Mediterranean dishes has been found to be ‘Olive oil’ (apart from desserts – of course).

    You must however remember that olive oil tends to be on the market with a large amount of other products which claim to be healthy alternatives to oil. These however, are the worst kind of products to consume as they can all cause your cholesterol levels to increase. Olive oil, on the other hand helps to decrease high cholesterol levels as well as maintain a healthy balance.

    Olive oil has been around for hundreds of years being used throughout the Mediterranean region without them even realizing its health benefits as well as its medicinal uses. Olive oil was highly valued by the ancient Mediterranean cultures for its use in food and lights. Olive oil was used in lamp burners to help them see during dark periods. The ‘olive tree’ and ‘olive branch’ was then used symbolically to represent peace and fertility. The word ‘oil’ can be derived from the Roman word ‘Olium’ which itself has been derived from their word for olive which is ‘Oliva’.

    I have been scowering the earth to find a product which I could use to help regain moisture to my extremely dry straw-like hair. Like all women, I am constantly  looking for one product or another which inadvertently offers you extremely silky, model-like hair. I’m not sure how other women feel, but I know that I have spent copious amounts of money on products from all over the world with absolutely no results.

    However, I have made a genius discovery! After all this time the answer was staring me in the face. Just a simple household ingredient was all I needed to have light lustrous and full of moisture, shining hair. The answer to our hair prayers is- Olive oil!

    I know, I would have never have guest it, but it works. Just cover your hair in lashings of olive oil and wait 30 mins and then hay presto- you wash it out and you have glossy locks. Have a try and let me know if it works for you.

    Not only does Olive oil work for the hair but it can be used for a whole manner of things for example – nails and skin. If you just need a general moisture boost then olive oil is great, it works for all skin types and is normally good to use for sensitive skin ( but remember to speak to your GP if you have any concerns).

    Olive oil is not only used in food products but it has been used for centuries for relieving the horrible effects of dry skin, hair and nails. It is the perfect product for the whole body. It is also commonly used on babies with dry skin as they are so sensitive, and placing normal adult products on their skin could cause blistering, burning or even severe skin damage. Their brand new sensitive skin is not strong enough to endure the vast chemicals that we have in our lotions and potions.



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