• TopTen Guilty Pleasures

    In this article I am going to bring to the surface my top ten guilty pleasures.

    Guilty pleasures can be defined as: ‘Doing something which you consider pleasurable however, feel guilty when doing it’.

    10) Watching Jeremy Kyle every morning on ITV at 9.30am on my days off.

    9) Licking the bowl after making icing to go on a cake.

    8 ) Painting my nails and then getting restless and smudging them on purpose and then having to paint them all over again just for fun.

    7) Watching Eastenders and constantly feeling like I want to get involved.

    6) Eating the very last Rolo .

    5) Re-gifting- I know that everyone does it but no one will admit it.

    4) Eating Ferraro Roche Chocolates in a certain way – first you bite off the chocolate nutty exterior, then you then break open the rice paper shell and lick out the only side without the hazelnut. Then you suck all the chocolate off the nut and finish theĀ  rice paper casing. Finally break open the nut and crunch ! – My absolute favourite.

    3) Jamming – all the time with Adam. He plays the guitar and I sing along. Additionally, we always sing along to a bingo advert on TV. I sing the normal tune and Adam sings the Harmony!

    2)When going to the Airport I always love reading glossy and gossip magazines. I never read them at any other time just in the Airport and on the plane. This is where I get to catch up with all the latest Celeb news!

    1) Eating a plain rich tea biscuit with a cup of tea. I love dunking it in my tea, and loosing half of it and finally taking the last sip of tea and getting a huge mouthful of soggy biscuit. MMMMMMMMM

    Urban Dictionary defines a guilty pleasure as ”Something that you shouldn’t like, but like anyway.

    Now I would like to hear your guilty pleasures…


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