• Making a Food Diary

    I have decided to write about this topic as it is very much a part of my life at the moment. I have struggled when completing a food diary as I have always felt like hiding the truth about what I eat. It is embarrassing when everything you put in your mouth is scrutinized, especially when you know that you are eating the wrong foods. Putting pen to paper seems to be the hardest thing for me to do!

    I know in my heart of hearts that I like to nibble throughout the day. It could be podded peas or carrots or even an occasional malteser here and there. I have additionally come across these amazing gems known as ‘Florida’s Natural Brand, Au’some Nuggets’ each individual nugget is an explosion of flavor and sugar! They are incredible for a sugar low! These nuggets are made from 66% fruit puree and juice, so what is the other 34%??? I dread to think, all I know is that they are my treat throughout the day. In addition to this food diary I have also been completing regular exercise programs created by my personal trainer (the one I’m writing the food diary for). So I am the kind of person that feels that if I am working so hard 3 times a week why can’t I enjoy myself once in a while with some ‘oh so delicious Nuggets’. I know that I am in the wrong frame of mind as I should be repulsed by anything that is not fruit or veg however, I just don’t think I can drop the nuggets (and they are technically fruit).
    If you have any addictions to various unhealthy treats do feel free to comment and let me know.

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