• My Favourite Movies

    Movies should become favourites when they have some sort of connection or link back to your life. When I was 16 years I was doing my GCSE’s and also found my passion for theatre and performing.

    I had just gained the lead in my school theatre production and that was where I fell in love with the film ‘Singing in the Rain’. The lead, Cathy was my part and whilst having to learn the extremely long script, I must have watched the movie close to 50 times. I knew everyone’s part off by heart including all the songs and even the extras parts. I was hooked and as most school girls who have watched this movie would feel – I was in love with Gene Kelly and sort out to watch all of his movies. I was just shocked by his pure talent. I then found his movie ‘An American in Paris’ and realized that I adored older movies along with period dramas.

    Thinking back, I have always loved older movies and in addition to that, musicals either in the theatre or movies. I then discovered around Christmas time, Elvis Presley and his musical movies which I am a great fan of.

    If you can think of any more singers who have created fabulous musical movies please let me know.

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