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    Vegetarian cooking can be extremely easy for a household which does not eat meat. However, it confuses the matter when there is a family of meat eaters except one. I have always eaten meat however; my future husband has decided to go down the vegetarian pathway. I fully support him and hope that eventually, once I have found the will power, I will become one too. This makes is difficult when making meals and preparing snacks.

    I would normally snack on chicken slices or turkey slices however, as I am always in close proximity to my fiancé, I find it quite disrespectful munching away on a piece of meat. With this in mind, I have searched high and low for a recipe which will not only cover all the food groups required to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle but also help myself overcome this yearning for meat.

    Even though I have never been keen on ‘fake meat’ I have managed to find a substitute which not only tastes good but is healthy as well as giving you the amount of protein which a human requires daily. My wonderful discovery is Quorn! I know that it has been around for years but I never really liked it when I was younger. In fact, it has only been over the past two years that they have changed something within the product which has made it so so tasty.

    Quorn can be added to anything and everything. I am currently going through a stage in which I am obsessed with stir fry so I decided to mix it up a little by adding cubes of Quorn. One begins by placing the Quorn cube straight from the freezer, into a pan and frying them off with a little sesame oil. Once they have been browned off, then you add a few shakes of soy sauce which just gives it a slightly salty flavour which really works well with the Quorn. Then once you have browned off the Quorn you pop that to the side on a low heat to retain the heat and begin to fry off the vegetables using a wok. Once the vegetables are done you add the Quorn and hey presto, you have a deliciously healthy meal with little work but great flavour.

    Another recipe which I find extremely easy to make is Quorn fajitas. Place the Quorn cubes directly from the freezer into a pan and heat up gently with a little olive oil. The next step is to find the ‘Old el Passo’ fajita dinner kits. One can get them from any supermarket and I usually choose the mild one as neither myself nor my fiancé like spicy food. Inside the kit you will find a few flour tortillas which you will use later on. One will also find in the kit a packet of herbs to mix into regular sour cream and finally a packet of tomato/barbecue sauce. Once the Quorn has been warmed up, then place the tomato/barbecue sauce into the Quorn and stir until all of the Quorn cubes have been covered. Then bring to a light simmer and then leave to one side. The next step is to prepare the sour cream, which you can also get from any supermarket. Mix in the packet of herbs and there you go. Finally, cut up some lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes and place on a flour tortilla, which came with the dinner kit. Then place the Quorn mixture on top and layer it with sour cream. This gives you a delicious meal which tastes like meat but isn’t. it also provides you with a healthy alternative to a meat meal and also induces fun for all the family as everyone gets to take part and make their own fajita wrap.

    I love vegetarian cooking, so if anyone has any more ideas on how to spice up a normal meal without meat, please let me know.

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