• The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle Part Two

    It has been eight months since I wrote the beginning of this blog post and I am thrilled to say that – I HAVE DONE IT. I cannot believe what I have been able to achieve in eight months.

    I have had my ups and down as any human would, but I have managed to put my insecurities aside and promote health and happiness for myself and others. I have changed from a huge UK size 18 to a slight UK size 12 in eight months. However, this is only the physical side of my life. Mentally, I have changed from a fatigued and downright lazy girl, into a well-balanced, positive and hard working woman. It is frightening to think that my whole outlook on life was based on the person I was. The person that I am now only goes to show that if you put even a small amount of effort into changing your everyday bad habits, you can become a better individual both physically and mentally. I know that some people reading this blog will think – ‘It’s not easy losing weight and I just don’t have the time or the energy’ this is how I felt for over 21 years of my life. However, I am not just one of these success stories. Yes, I dedicated eight months of my life to becoming a better person, but I have learnt that in the scheme of things, eight months is a short price to pay for a lifetime of health and happiness.
    Throughout my journey I have met many spiritual and enlightened individuals who have taught me to let go of this physical entrapment that we refer to as life. Life is merely a gift which we choose. WE are in control of our life, no one else; we are in control of what we do on a daily basis. I’m not telling you what to do or how to do it as I am not in control of your life and I believe that is a common mistake that people make when looking for an answer to their questions. Subjecting yourself to constant advertisements and subliminal messages used by the TV, is a way in which the media controls your life and in a way, tells you that you; Must be thin, Must look good and Must look like everyone else. By separating myself from the media within those eight months I discovered the answers to the questions I have been asking my entire life; who do I want to be? What do I want to achieve in my life? And finally, how do I want to achieve the things that I want? All of these questions were asked without the influence of the TV and the people on it. I guess you can say that I separated myself from society, which gave me time to breathe and reassess what society had created in the first place. These eight months have been the best eight months of my life and now that I have re-entered society I see life in a very different way and have the means along with the tools to prevent myself from returning to my old habits and my old ways of living.
    I hope that this blog post will help my readers who are suffering with weight issues to see that the foundation of your life is based on you being in control, realising that there is a problem and finding a way to fix it.

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