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Over the past year I have been working alongside a bingo company known as BC whom I met whilst applying for jobs on a popular online freelancing site where companies look for employees who can work remotely. I applied for a job completely unrelated to SEO however; the wonderful manager of the company took a look at my CV and asked if I would help them with the SEO of the site.

BC is a very popular bingo website within the bingo niche however; their key issue was that when typing certain popular keywords into Google their site did not appear at all. This could be because no previous SEO work had been completed on the site and in addition, it is also an exceedingly competitive niche. At first I was a little apprehensive about taking on this site as I was worried that no matter how much SEO you do to this website and no matter how many SEO campaigns you run, BC may never appear on Google as nothing is guaranteed in the SEO world, the only authority which decides who will get onto Google is Google.  Additionally, the field of bingo is such a competitive niche which means that BC will have to come up against a variety of extremely well known websites which put a huge amount of money into their marketing, advertising and SEO campaigns. A range of bingo websites even appear on TV and have adverts all over the internet including pop ups on other businesses websites. This was a concern however, I love taking on challenges and succeeding.

To begin with I conducted a lot of research into their site prior to the start of their campaign. This background research was performed in order to find what was needed to be done to enhance their site on Google.  I went through a series of well-known SEO techniques. I followed a comprehensive list which incorporated everything that we needed to look into and create for the site so that they had the best chance of appearing on Google. We completed the following list:

1) Meta Tags– I began by checking the sites coding/programming and found that there were no Meta tags in place. Meta tags are one of the most remarkable HTML tags as they affect how the website appears on Google and on search engines in general. A Meta tag holds information on the site as opposed to having information on the webpages for all to see. Meta tags are extremely useful bits of coding; they explain and describe what the website is to the search engine spider programs which have been sent out from various search engines. If you do not have any Meta tags, then there is nothing explaining to these spiders what the site is all about and therefore, the site does not end up on Google or on any other search engines. Your first port of call when performing SEO on a website is making sure that the site is spider friendly otherwise the site will not appear on search engines.

There are many search engines which depend souly on the content of Meta tags in order to index the site correctly and if there are no Meta tags then the site will NOT be on search engines. It is vital for your site to be on search engines as this is where the business will get the majority of clientele and traffic to the site. Increased amount of traffic means more clients signing up and therefore more money! When I first started working on Bingo Castle, there were no Meta tags within the sites coding and therefore the site did not appear on Google. The Meta tags were then put in place and so the SEO work began.

2) Backlink checker-This check is needed so that I could see what sights had linked the BC. At the beginning there were only two website which had backlinks to BC which meant that Google did not feel that this website is relevant to the search engine.  The more backlinks equals higher ratings on Google.

3) Keyword Research- This type of research is vital for an SEO consultant as this is where you find out what are the best words to optimise the website for. As it is a Bingo site I had the site use ‘Google analytics’ which is an excellent piece of software which tells you what words people type into search engines to find your site. Unfortunately the keywords only really centred on the name of the site. If you did not type the name of the site into Google then it would not appear. This needed to be changed if we were to see any significant results.

4) Article writing- The next step would be to bulk out the site as there was very little information about bingo and very little that the sites visitors can read. I wrote 20 articles around 500 words each all on the topic of bingo and other interesting games that are also available on the website. These articles should then have the key words within them linked back to the homepage. These links make it more users friendly and make the visitor want to remain on the site instead of clicking off instantly.

5) Inbound links- These type of links are the links from other sites into your site. These are essential to ensure good SEO. In addition to the SEO bonus, these links also benefit the site as the more inbound links a site has, the more traffic you are likely to have. Inbound links provide links between websites. These are usually followed by spiders and normally the relationship is correlational meaning that the more inbound links the site has, the more spiders visit. In addition, the amount of inbound links that a site has determines whether or not the site is of high quality and Google has a system which counts the links and this is known as ‘Page ranking.’ The more links you have to your site, the higher your page ranking will be. Adding inbound links to the site is quite important and this should be on top of your list of priority.

6) Page loading speed- A fast page loading speed would be beneficial to a website as it is this certain amount of time which determines whether or not a visitor will stay on the site or click of instantly. The average time for a good page loading time would be around 1.5-2.5 seconds.

7) Guaranteed Article Submission and Article Marketing- These were both completed manually; the articles were submitted to any sites which found the informative articles relevant.

8 ) Social Bookmarking– The social bookmarks were also completed manually. This is where we linked relevant social bookmarking sites back to our site so that people would be able to find BC more easily. Social bookmarking is essential if you want your site marketed all over the internet.

9) Google Analytics- Google analytics is an essential piece of software which can be used to see what kind of traffic the site receives. This includes; which search engines BC is getting its traffic from, how many unique visitors BC has in a day or monthly and what type of keywords have been entered into search engines for the visitor to find us and to click on our site. Using this innovative tool, SEO specialists like myself can see which keywords should be optimised and focus on and therefore, what the SEO keyword dense articles should be focused on. Google analytics gave us a number of different keywords to work with however; we thought that two would be good to start with. These analytics also show you on which days BC had the most traffic coming through, which means that the site could bring out promotions on the same days.

This SEO project took around 4 weeks to complete and approximately 6 weeks after the start of the project, myself and BC began to see interesting changes. Every day the position of BC would change getting higher and higher up on Google for the specially selected keywords. The final results for BC were staggering getting the site from nowhere on Google to the first page was a momentous achievement. The most important thing to remember when completing SEO is that nothing is guaranteed. The position of websites on search engines is not decided by the SEO consultants, if it was then the search engines would be chaotic. Website positions change by the second on search engines as the internet is constantly expanding and sites compete with each other to get higher and higher up on the number on spot.

This was a difficult project for myself and my BC team. I have never put in so much time and hard work trying to get this site on Google. The agonising waiting game and the question going round in my head; ”Did I do enough?”  It seems that I did do an excellent job with getting BC on Google and working as a team myself and the BC Company has been a tremendous honour with support, friendship and professional relationships being created every day. I am sure that BC and myself will go on working with each other into the future, building and developing more and more websites, raising them higher and higher on Google. Watch out world of bingo because we are coming!

The company name is available on request.



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