Voice Recording

My business began from a voice recording project. I am a professional voice recorder who comes equipped with a professional microphone and all the equipment required to make a good quality recording. I have worked for a number of businesses ranging from calling out online bingo numbers, to company phone lines as well as recording full scale English courses being used all over the world.

As you already know from my other pages I am from the UK and therefore speak English to a very high standard. My voice is clear and clean cut, with a British accent. However, I am capable of recording in an American accent, so I have attached another sample below, for you to listen t0. I have up loaded two samples onto this page so that prospective clients can take a look and see what they think.

I have had quite a few great feedback emails of which state that I am a keen and hard worker who is a perfectionist and will not cease until the job is complete and to the standard which is required.

Hope you enjoy listening and would love to hear your comments.

Click on the linksĀ  below to listen to the samples of my voice.

APNIC English Accent

APNIC American Accent

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